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Welcome To Tensile Architecture

Tensile Architecture is a company specialized in the design and construction of lightweight stressed tensile structures, Tensile membrane structures and space frame structures, srving all over indian markets. As a specialist in designing and building tensile membrane structures

With more than 20 years of design and build all type of Tensile Structures.

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Our products are beautifully designed keeping in mind the latest market trends. We have a team of skilled and experience designers that ensures top-quality product for our valuable clients.


Our team of qualified and experienced engineers ensures any challenge product manufacturer and installation.


Our products are manufactured using high-quality machinery and equipments. All the applications like welding, sewing, tailoring are done with extensive care.

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Benefits of Tensile Structure

Tensile membrane structures is used by a lot of people as permanent & temporary shade system for various events like concerts, for car parking, auditorium, swimming pool, walkway, entrance canopy, stadium, garden Umbrella, gazebo, play area, sport centers, zoos, museums and a lot more.

Flexible Design Aesthetics Outstanding Translucency Easy Installation Excellent Durability Cost Benefits Low Maintenance Long Span Structures Earthquake Resistant

Our Projects

Tensile Structure Manufacturer Since 1998.

We can't wait to get started on your project. Big or small, We can do it all. Get in touch with our expert's for a custom project.

Frequently Asked Question

Tensile fabric structure - A structure that is characterised of the membrane system (typically with wire or cable) to provide the critical structural support to the structure.
  • Flexible Design Aesthetics
  • Outstanding Translucency
  • Excellent Durability
  • Lightweight Nature
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Tensile fabric structures can span unsupported lengths of up to 150 feet and tensile steel cable nets with fabric can easily span twice that amount. Air structures can span even longer distances with column free structures up to thousands of feet.

    When your building has to move from one location to another during the lifespan of your facility, such as temporary schools, travelling exhibits, etc.

    This will depend on the materials used. So 35-40 years if you specify a PTFE or silicon coated glass cloth - otherwise 15-20 years for PVDF coated membranes. The structural steel frame and cables should perform upwards of 40 years. To keep the structure looking at its best and operating safely, some routine bi-annual maintenance will be required="".

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    Tensile Blog

    What Is the Tensile Fabric Structure

    A Tensile Structure Is a Construction of Elements Carrying Only Tension and No Compression or Bending. The Term Tensile Should Not Be Confused With Tensegrity, Which Is a Structural Form With Both Tension and Compression Elements. Tensile Structures Are the Most Common Type of Thin-shell Structures.

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    Can Any Shape Be Created ?

    Yes, We Can Make Any Design and Shape of Tensile Fabric Structure, Tensile Fabric Structures Are Based on Two Basic Building Blocks of Tensile Structures. However, This Is Not to Say That They Are Not Versatile. The Beauty of a Tensile Fabric Structure Is the Ability to Design and Create Them Around Your Specific Requirements.

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    Tensile for Long Lasting Results

    A Tensile Architecture Consists of Construction of Elements With Tension and No Compression or Bending. Tensile Architecture Deal With Tensile Structure as Well as of Tensile Architecture Fabric. These Tensile Architecture Provide Solutions of Designing, Manufacturing, Installation, and Services Related to All Sorts of Tensile Architecture.

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